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For us at EOS, security should be exactly that - Security. It isn't about profit or becoming a giant of a security company. It is about protecting people, business, organisations, communities and the planet. Each service and solution created by us is unique and bespoke to your needs and requirements so as to deliver something that fits your business, seamlessly. Something that works for you but has a positive impact on the world around us.

We work with like-minded customers and ensure that you get a security service or solution that protects you and the planet. We achieve this through listening to you, understanding your business, your threats and risks and then create a solution that protects you. Furthermore, we source responsibly, use recycled uniform and use paperless reporting. We plant trees in our clients names, within Yorkshire, the National Forest and within the United Nations Trillion Tree Campaign, which allows us to form partnerships with our clients that help protect the world.

We are a carbon neutral company with an extensive Carbon Management Plan which works towards being Net Zero by 2040, some 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement.

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