A message from the founder

Hello and welcome to EOS.

A message from the founder

If you throw a pebble into a pond, you will make a ripple. This will make a difference, if only for a moment.

If however you spend time on helping others to see the positive impact they can have they join you and the ripples become constant, change begins and is sustained.

I created EOS to be unique. I had nothing more than a belief that if we could think globally and yet act locally, bring bespoke security and protection to like minded businesses, we could work together in making 'tomorrow better' for those we leave behind.

We refuse to be profit led and our core values are ingrained in our vision, our mission and our passion.

Security is the easy bit, we hold over 30 years experience in delivering best in class security services and solutions, our customer service is designed to be legendary and our security systems are not only exceptional but give you a return on investment.

Our social media marketing concentrates on awareness of great causes, charities, environmental and health awareness. Promoting such causes is essential as heightening awareness allows us to help keep those pebbles coming. We don't mind if you are a customer, a potential customer or neither, but we do care about security, excellent service and the environment and this becomes apparent when you jump on board.

Jon Webster
Founder & Managing Director, EOS Security Limited