EOS Christmas Message Advert

EOS Christmas Message Advert

Christmas time isn't right without our Christmas TV adverts. Every year they are released and enjoyed by millions of people, allowing warm and fuzzy feelings to momentarily flow and take over our senses. We discuss them with friends and colleagues, share our thoughts and feelings and some even vote for the best one.

Have to say that this year, McDonalds got my vote with Imaginary Iggy (sorry John Lewis!).

These adverts don't necessarily make us run out and buy their products, or 'happy meals' but they do remind us of what Christmas is about, what makes it such a special time of year. Those warm and fuzzy feelings mean something, something that matters to each of us. For it is a reminder of what is really important in life and those we share it with.

I couldn't let Christmas go by this year, without adding another one for you. I wanted EOS to have its own Christmas Message and whilst my budget was, shall we say, less than McDonalds and John Lewis I can only hope that the sentiment is seen, for it is meant.

I enjoyed, perhaps a little too much, putting this together for you. Hope you enjoy and on behalf of 'little old EOS' we wish you, your friends and families a very happy and safe Christmas.