EOS collects Environment Awards

EOS collects Environment Awards
EOS collects Environment Awards

Imagine this, if only for a moment.

EOS is a small micro sized Security Company and whilst our services cover the whole of the UK, our home is set within the beautiful, rolling wolds of East Yorkshire. With a little over a years service under our belt, albeit with 35 years of experience tucked in their as well, we receive notification that we have been invited to attend the House of Commons, in London to attend the International Environment and Sustainability Awards, hosted by the International CSR Excellence Awards and the Green Organisation.

I have spent many a year in customers offices and premises and seen both the world renowned Green Apple sitting there, in a place of pride, for all to see and often thought to myself about what a fantastic award to have. Little did I know that the day would come when I would be invited to their award ceremony.

On Monday November 15 2021, EOS Security attended the beautiful Royal Horseguards Hotel in London (the venue was changed at the last minute due to a covid outbreak within Government) and began to mingle with members of many global and national businesses. I took my seat and couldn't help but notice that my table had representatives from both the UK but Saudi Arabia and Vietnam.

The Green Apple Awards and the International CSR Excellence Awards are the worlds largest environment and sustainability awards ceremony on an International scale.

I watched, listened and applauded all who were called up to the podium to collect their, impressively won, awards and recall just being somewhat ecstatic that I was simply in the room with people and organisations that took the environment seriously.

Then, as if in a dream, EOS was mentioned and our story of how we had been created, during the pandemic and all that we had achieved in such a small piece of time. The dream turned to a complete daze as I was called to the podium and presented with 6 awards, literally too many for me to hold.

I returned home with 2 Green Apple Awards for Environmental Best Practice (2020 and 2021), the International CSR Excellence Award for Global Leader (2020 and 2021), the International CSR Excellence Award for Innovation and Environment (2021) and another one for Property & Estate Management.

As the utter shock and excitement passed, I realised that we really are so very much more than a normal security company, for we were created to be unique and provide services and solutions that don't just protect our customers, but everything. And now I have the awards and the acknowledgement of my peers to prove it.

Now, if you can image that, imagine what you could do.

EOS collects Environment Awards