Hay & Straw Bale Security

Hay & Straw Bale Security

Hay / Straw Bale Security
When you drive through the UK countryside at this time of year, it is hard to miss the changing landscape of fields. What was fields of long crops, swaying gently in the wind has now been harvested and baled, ready for collection, storage and sale or use.

What isn't seen by the travelling motorist is the threat farmers face in respect of fire. Every year the UK is plagued by arsonists and indeed nature and the law of physics in the respect of fire. One way to reduce the likelihood of spontaneous combustion is to ensure the bales dry out before being stored together.

On the other side of the coin, is the threat faced from arsonists. Within the last couple of weeks alone, UK farmers have been targeted by those intent on causing damage by way of fire.

  • On September 18 2021, police in Lincolnshire reported that they had arrested a man on suspicion of causing at least six deliberate arsons on hay bales across the county.
  • 10 days ago, Doncaster Fire Services attended the scene of deliberate fire to hay bales. The same happened in Buckinghamshire.
  • On September 16 2021, two barns and around 500 tonnes of hay caught fire, through accidental means on a farm in Somerset.
  • On September 12 2021, a 300 tonnes of baled hay caught fire on farm land in Essex.

Minimising Risk
In all truth, it isn't financially possible to stop this happening. But there are ways to look to minimise the risk, for deliberate, natural, and accidental causes.

A large majority of hay/straw bales, when collected, are stored either within barn structure or near to a farm building. This increases the risk and threat of further damage or loss should the bales ignite. The recent fire in Somerset was located near to fertiliser and fuel storage.

Thermal imaging camera technology is one such way as to reduce the risk of fire, especially within the locality of storage structures. What may not be known by the average reader is that good quality thermal imaging CCTV operates on two separate channels, one thermal and the other as standard. They both contain different functions, alarms, and readings. Thermal technology can be set to detect temperature spikes pre-combustion and alert the user before a potential fire starts, whilst the standard side of the camera monitors movement, capturing intended unauthorised persons.

This allows the user (customer, monitoring station or security partner) to be alerted to both potential risk of fire but intrusion as well, offering both security and safety at the same time.

Expensive Solution
To be expected, thermal imaging CCTV is certainly more expensive than your standard CCTV camera.

Most farms don't have any CCTV and if they do, it is often not fit for purpose. Selected by price, installed by the user and without any form of service, monitoring or maintenance package the systems simply provide a visual deterrent, offering poor quality play back and no added value.

The UK market has seen a large increase in 'self-serve' CCTV solutions, from doorbell cameras to buy one, get one free self-install slogans. But a security system needs to be able to give you something in return and not just play back after the fact.

Designing a security is essential and using a company that understands your business is crucial.

A small but well thought out system will give the user a wide range of uses, some towards security, others towards safety. Aspects can help view the operation itself, protect equipment such as tractors, GPS units, fuel storage etc.

Selecting the right camera for the right environment and use are key factors to ensuring that your system gives back, benefits and enhances your business, thus justifying an expense from the outset.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:
1. Would a fire, in a place I know has a risk of fire, damage my business?
2. Would the loss or damage, to or from machinery I need for my business, affect my business?
3. Would I like to know if an unauthorised person was on my property?
4. Would I like peace of mind?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, the solution is to decide what to do about it. You can choose to do nothing and except that this is part of life and may never happen to you or you can see just how much a security solution, designed, and fitted correctly will cost you. The best part is the second option doesn't cost you anything, except your time.

About EOS Security Limited
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What's more is that we simply want you to be protected from the threats and risks you have to your business.

Articles such as this are designed to heighten your awareness so you can make an informed decision on the way ahead. If it is with EOS, you will not be disappointed. In fact, you will be impressed, but if you decide to use another security company that is great as well as you have mitigated your risk based on sound judgement.

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