A message from the founder

Hello and welcome to EOS.

A message from the founder

People and service have always been at the centre of my life. Having had successful careers within the Military and Civilian Police, coupled with senior positions within both global and national companies my approach has always been from the ground up, where the least senior person in my day is the most important.

If you throw a stone into a pond, you make a ripple. The impact of this will show if only for a few moments. If however you spend time on helping others see the positive effect this can have, they join you and the ripples become constant. Those that know me, know that the Security Industry within the UK is a passion of mine but with that comes an inherent belief that it can be better, that we can have a positive impact on those around us, businesses and people alike if we only created and stood by some simple and yet effective core values and understood that 'doing the right thing' is often better, brighter and a greater all round impact than simply concentrating on profit.

I created EOS to be unique. I wanted to spend my time creating security solutions, systems and most of all a service that had a truly positive impact on peoples lives, businesses and the world around us. I learnt several years ago that for security to work effectively it had to fit an operation, seamlessly. To do this you must first understand the operation then create, what I call the BEST model and integrate it into the operation itself. At EOS, we concentrate on providing best in class service, training and systems that help our clients make profit whilst knowing the greater impact is on the environment, its people and core values. We simply make sure you are secure, informed and safer by making things better for everyone.

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Jon Webster
Founder & Managing Director, EOS Security Limited

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