Access Control Birmingham

Do you want to make it easier to verify the people who attempt to gain entry to your private rooms or buildings? If so, you should consider installing access control technology to regulate who comes in and out of all restricted areas.

Our integrated security systems have protected many businesses from burglaries and intruders. Access control is a popular security feature because it requires people to produce proof of their authorisation to enter a room or building. This proof could be any of the following:

- Keycard entry
- Keypad entry
- Master key entry
- Biometric entry

Every access control system will require people to use at least one of these entry methods to verify their security credentials. You can choose which entry method best suits your property's access control system. If you're unsure which one to choose, our security specialists will recommend one for you.

EOS Security employs dedicated security specialists who possess the necessary training, education, and experience to install bespoke access control systems. So not only will we install and maintain your access control system, but we'll design it for you too.

In addition, our security specialists may recommend you have us install more integrated security features on your property. Our other popular security features include perimeter detection, intruder alarms, vehicle tracking, panic alarms, biometrics, and CCTV systems.

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