Access Control Leeds

Access Control by its pure definition is a method of controlling access to your property, through the use of technology and locking systems, linked to a control interface that gives you the control, centrally and remotely.

Buildings can be segregated, into rooms or areas, allowing only controlled and authorised access to those you want to allow access to. Attempts to gain unauthorised access to a specific area will be subject to an alert, direct to your device, allowing you to make a decision to, if you wish, to override the access permission.

We offer a range of methods to control this area of your business, ranging from access cards, to smaller fobs and even biometrics, through fingerprints or facial recognition.

EOS Security Limited have over 35 years of experience in securing businesses with a vast range of methods, including CCTV, Intruder Alarms, Physical measures such as gates, turnstiles, fencing and barriers and biometrics, to name a few.

EOS Security Limited are the only UK based security company to concentrate on the Environment, as our core value, so you can also be assured that we source sustainably and ethically, use recycled uniform and plant trees in your name, allowing you to offset your own carbon footprint. EOS is a carbon neutral company on a clear and defined road map to becoming net carbon zero by 2025. A multi award winning company, with 6 International Awards for the Environment and Sustainability, making us the right choice for any customer who cares about a better tomorrow.

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