Access Control York

Do you need to install access control security features on your property in York? Access control allows you to manage which people can enter the rooms and entryways of your building. You can use this technology in commercial buildings to ensure that only authorised people can enter private or restricted areas in them.

EOS Security has been installing access control security systems in the properties of local clients for several years. Our dedicated security team has the necessary training and experience in installing advanced access control systems for businesses and homes throughout York. It won't take us long to upgrade your property's security to ward off intruders and unauthorised people.

What kind of access control technology is suitable for your York property? We can provide you with any of the following types of access control:

- Card Entry
- Master Key Entry
- Biometric Entry
- Keypad Entry

Our technicians will recommend the best access control for your property after a security evaluation is conducted. Then we can provide you with a high-quality bespoke integrated security system that secures all the vulnerable doors and entryways of your property via access control.

Why not add even more security features? Besides the access control installation, our security team can install intruder alarms, thermal imaging technology, an EAS system, or a CCTV system. Of course, it all depends on the layout of your property and how many areas you need to keep secure.

You can find out more information about our integrated security options by calling our team at 01262 425 956 or emailing us at