CCTV Systems Birmingham

CCTV security systems are pretty standard amongst businesses in Birmingham. You probably won't find any local business that doesn't have at least one surveillance camera installed. Since crime in the UK is rising, you can never be too careful about security. Protect your business today with a modern CCTV system with high-definition video monitoring capabilities.

We offer affordable CCTV systems which are customised to accommodate the security needs of your particular commercial building. You can choose to have one surveillance camera or a dozen surveillance cameras installed to monitor various entryways and exits. The choice is up to you.

Our CCTV systems let you stay in a remote location as you watch the video feeds coming in from these different cameras installed on your property. That allows you to remain safe and secure as you monitor for suspicious activity inside or outside your building. And if you ever happen to spot someone trying to enter your building illegally, you can call the police without engaging with the intruder.

EOS Security is one of the only security companies in the UK to promote environmental friendliness. That is why we will plant a tree in the name of each customer who orders our CCTV system installation service in Birmingham. Not only that, but we will continue to plant a tree in their name each year so that they continue to use our security monitoring and maintenance services too.

Call us at 01262 425 956 or email us at to learn more about our CCTV systems and plant-a-tree initiative.