Our colleagues & customers

Our commitment to our colleagues and customers is the same. The environment we create is a one-team approach, open, honest, caring, dedicated and supportive.

Recognition is paramount and internally we do this through our reward and recognition programme, allowing shining stars to rise up, grow and develop. Our training is extensive and yet meets the expectations of our colleagues, as each is an individual.

Whether you are a customer or a colleague, you never feel alone, you never feel unwanted or recognised. We create a customer service level, both internally and externally that we consider legendary, for its the memory that lasts.

We wrap our core values around everything we do. As a colleague or customer you become the pillars of who we are.

Welcome to SMILE, the Legendary Customer Service Training programme.

Training and Personal Development is a fundamental aspect of our core values. No matter if you work in our Head Office, on a customers premises or on the road supporting our teams and customers, every member of the EOS family is important to us.

We created SMILE with an understanding that EOS was committed to both the training and development of our colleagues which incorporates support, recognition and advice. Placing customer service at the forefront of our approach with the intention to not only make it both an effective and essential tool to learn from but totally changes the mindset and perception of what customer service is and makes it legendary, for what you get from it lasts beyond the initial interaction.

Our colleagues & customers