Often better said in the words of others, so please see some comments about Jon Webster, our Founder & Managing Director of EOS Security Limited and from our current customers.

We found ourselves in need of some security assistance and reached out to EOS Security Limited whom didn't disappoint. They attended site quickly, understood our requirements, and walked us through the measures we could take. We were hugely impressed with their professionalism, customer service and attitude. Peace of mind was assured and given. We will certainly be using them again and cannot recommend them enough.

Anne Duerden, Events Coordinator - Wold Top Brewery

We chose EOS because of Jon's passion and values.
We were not disappointed when it came to the installation of our security system, the speed of installation and quality of the work was really impressive.
We will continue to use EOS for our security needs going forward.

Ciaran Hughes - Operations Director, Hughes Mushrooms

From my point of view, EOS has provided everything they said they would and went beyond expectations when any issues or questions came up. The installation of the system was very professional and certainly makes a great impression on staff and visitors.

The biggest challenge that I feel we have overcome was getting our staff to recognise why we changed our security systems and processes, and this was simply down to the communication and explanations EOS gave in staff briefings.

Carl Sylvester, Operations Director - Environcom England Ltd

This was the first time we had worked with EOS Security and we found them to be a very professional company.

It was great to work with a company that takes pride in their work and has excellent attention to detail. We will not hesitate to work with them again.

Richard Atter, SecuraFen

We recently had some concerns with a security solution at one of our locations and wanted someone to complete an independent security review, providing a fresh approach in order to identify any issues and, more importantly, recommend solutions; therefore we reached out to EOS.

EOS came to site, took note of the issues, considered the wider crime data, listened to our thoughts and went to work; providing an extremely detailed report that highlighted, not only a clear understanding of our business, but the issues with our current solution and several recommendations to resolve them.

The whole process was seamless and the attention to detail and service from EOS was outstanding. We received the completed review a couple of days later; this helped us make the right and informed adjustments required to solve the problem, creating a more secure environment for our property, our colleagues and customers. We cannot thank nor recommend EOS enough for the professional, relevant, honest and constructive service we received; true experts indeed.

Charlotte Brown - Head of Safety and Security (Group) at JCT600 Ltd, JCT600 Ltd

I worked with Jon for about 10 years and would highly recommend him to any organisation. Jon's professionalism is second to none and he has a huge amount of experience and knowledge. Jon's attention to detail and ability to deliver is built on his 'can do' approach.

Over many years Jon has managed some of the most challenging contracts and has always put absolutely everything into his service delivery.

I would have no hesitations in recommending Jon!

Adrian Moore, Managing Director - UK & Europe

Throughout my time working with and for Jon it has become very clear that Jon is a man who is extremely passionate, professional and dedicated. Not only has Jon had an extremely notable career, as a person Jon excels where most people fail. He has been a delight to report back to on a professional and personal level and he has gone above and beyond to help me personally. I have learned a lot from Jon, and he is somebody who I definitely take inspiration from, both due to his amazing career but most importantly his genuine nature.

Nathaniel Lowe, Security Officer

Jon is a determined and focussed individual who has always demonstrated a unique ability to get the job done and is committed to never leaving things unfinished. His drive to connect with the teams he manages and utilise every available tool to promote engagement is matched only to his devotion to his craft.

David Leonard, Head of Client Services - Dardan Security

Jon worked for me as Group security manager for TNT Fashion and we operated within 7 different countries. His attention to detail and thoroughness in dealing with clients or colleagues of different nationalities was exceptional. No task was too small or too large and should it involve attending a 24/7 operation at 2am he was there. Part of the senior management team Jon's contribution was very big. Clothing used to be the most stolen item after cash and cigarettes, so security was a very big issue both within the business and with our customers. Jon was a breath of fresh air from the usual ex police security managers and was always hard working and very effective. In my view, senior managers, are all about results and Jon always delivered I can pay no higher compliment.

Cris Stephenson, CEO - Environcom Ltd

He has an excellent eye for detail, which is a great asset when conducting security audits.

Carolyn Murdin, Auditor at NSI- National Security Inspectorate

He is extremely driven and committed to everything that he believes in. He always looks for the best solution, evidence it, then present it with conviction and passion and he would involve anyone that was affected by his vision and if needed guide them through the process.

Dave Lea, Site Security Manager - Kingdom Services Group Ltd

In the time in which Jon worked with the organisation I found him to be extremely people focused, always putting them front and centre of his role. A methodical, process driven individual that wraps structure around his people agenda.

Chris Chidley, Managing Director - Compass Group Ireland

Jon is straight forward, engaging and passionate about his team and their work. Always putting the customer and their experience at the forefront of his thinking, Jon takes a genuine interest in the service standards that are delivered to them.

Richard Cozens, Building Manager - Cushman & Wakefield

Jon is a methodical and tenacious investigator who was a real pleasure to work with.

Simon Hurst, Retired Detective Chief Inspector

I have had the greatest of pleasure to work with one of the industries most dedicated and passionate leaders. Jon also encourages people to think outside of the box and look at the bigger picture.

Louise Parnell, Compliance Manager - GR8 Security

Like others before me, I have every intention of passing on what I have learnt from Jon so as to help others reach their own potential.

Paul Lees, Security Operations Manager - Mitie

Jon is a very passionate individual with everything that he does and his work ethic is very truly inspiring. Jon is not only very inspiring, but he is a fantastic role model and I try and echo his style of management into my own role on a day to day basis. He constantly strives to exceed customer expectations and has a can-do attitude. I have yet so meet someone that is more passionate about our industry than him.

Danny Trench, Estate Security Manager - Tesco Bank

To say that Jon's influence on my career is substantial would be a severe understatement. As a successful, experienced professional himself he was able to support, guide and mentor me to becoming the confident and knowledgeable security manager I am today.

Chris R., Deputy Sergeant at Arms - House of Commons

I really enjoyed working with Jon who showed commitment, determination and pride and could be trusted to ensure tasks were completed effectively with an attitude of caring about our brand, client's, and our people!

Kerry Hinks, Bank of Ireland HR

Jon has the innate ability to "light a spark" within people and provide inspiration, motivation, and develop individuals' self-confidence and belief in their abilities.

Nicole Lonnon, Chartered MCIPD, UK People Lead, Workforce Management Programme - Compass Group UK & Ireland

Jon strives to deliver over and above what the client requires and this reflects in the team that work with him. Customer service is pivotal in the way he manages himself and the team around him. He is an ultimate professional and is a great asset.

Steve Burr, Area Centre Manager - Savills Resource Management

Jon installs in his team the confidence & motivation needed to deliver the best results for our clients as well as being available to provide advice and guidance. Working with Jon has helped in the development of my own career and I would encourage others to take advantage of these opportunities.

Lorcan Kerley, Soft Services Manager - Interserve

From day one it was evident that Jon is a professional with unparalleled communication skills and a passion to develop people in order to get the best from them and for overall benefit of the client. There needs to be an element of trust and Jon is one of the most honest people I have met.

Lisa Hopkins, Operations Manager - Colliers International